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The recent Wikipedia changes are dumb and I do not like them. FUCK OFF WITH THE MENU ON THE LEFT. FUCK OFF WITH THAT.

It's a vile video and a wicked thing. When it's this clear, the death penalty is a beautiful thing. KILL THEM.


The Tyre Nichols video pre-release hypefest is so fucking bizarre, something that clearly will be very sick and disturbing is getting covered as a highly-anticipated movie premiere. FUCKIN' WACKO ZA TACO!

...but not surprising

Hua Hin was my favourite place in Thailand, very different from the rest of the country

I'm not worried about AI art. A giant part of the allure and intrigue of any art is the soul who made it. AI will create incredible novels, paintings, movies, podcasts and everything else but it won't have a soul, it won't have a character behind the brush. Human works could become even more valuable in this sea of ease - of instant gratification through simple prompts. I'm actually looking forward to all of this. The future is wild but bright!

some girls have got those diamond smiles, I like those diamond smiles

The British Conservative Party are disgusting masochists led by a failed tribute act to a pretty shit retired pro wrestler; election!; hung Parliament!; Prime Minister Jang Wonyoung!; why the fuck not!

one day or whichever domain name I decide to use for the main website will have a paid subscription and we will go to a half and half - half of the posts public and half for subscribers

this change will likely take place in around 2 or 3 years - and will also coincide with an expansion of the types and volume of content

gotta be a stationary chain out there called Anne Frank's - if not, you have my permission to create!

The most important thing is the ethos, the philosophy, the infrastructure, the meaning created, cared for and sustained




I'm still pissed that georgia is dead

sometimes a Brad Nicholls of BRAD NICHOLLS Podcast says something that enrages my narcissism

I love dirty communists

I do like Janice tho

The brutal truth is that Janice would be so much better if she had a disability or a terminal illness. Truth is Brutal, but truth is TRUTH!






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