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Friday's episode is on NewJeans

Saturday's episode is on the UFOs

I hate the argument "the government is too incompetent to do a massive psyop and keep it secret" - evidence just ain't there for that, the evidence is there for the opposite.

I just made the most delicious poutine

I saw a grey cylindrical object in the skies of southern England the other day on the train on the way to London, considered taking my phone out and recording but I decided just watch it float around

175 Park Avenue is such a sad thing. It should never be built and yet it looks like it will be, rising above one of the most beautiful buildings in the world - the Chrysler Building will be gone even if it still stands in the shadows. A horrible decision to make New York less of what it is. 175 is actually a very beautiful building itself and should have a place on the skyline but not there, it looks so silly and out of place, pushing aside a true icon. The Mayor should step in and say NO - likely won't.

When Britain relinquishes sovereignty over Diego Garcia, the UK is officially done as a power with ANY global significance other than the nukes (which are reliant on borrowed American missiles anyway)...'s not so much the actual base - it's mostly a US base anyway - it's what the move represents. The UK held on to some strategic points on the map - Gibraltar, the bases in Cyprus - giving up the BIOT begins a new era of decline. What a fucking fall into irrelevance! British politicians of the last 70 years will go down as some of the dumbest fucks in history.

Multiple BRAD NICHOLLS Podcast REVOLUTIONS this year

Multiple BRAD NICHOLLS Podcast REVOLUTIONS this year

Multiple BRAD NICHOLLS Podcast REVOLUTIONS this year

Having some nice nostalgic thoughts about Thailand this morning - ODD - Maybe the third time really will be the time I start loving the place, still a lot of work to do but possible...

so many possibilities of what is happening with this Alaska UFO

If/when humans discover alien life or if it's thrown in the species face - probs just gonna be a collective shrug

The fact the US government just announced they shot down a UFO after years of slow-exposure of the truth that they've been dealing with them for years and it ain't much of a news story is fun knee

Did y'all love the latest episode ??? 😀

I love BIG shopping malls - Terminal 21, Metropolis at Metrotown, Berjaya Times Square, Big City - FUCKING Love Them.

Interesting for Pentagon considering possibility this shot down UAP could be private or corporate

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