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Tonights Ep is on Ian Watkins (another baby eater) and how he will always be my bitch

I have read everything on Lucy Letby and this trial ... she built a character, crafted over years, and when she got the opportunity to express her evil, she threw out all caution and went mental, grabbing everything she could, knowing full well she'd likely eventually be caught. A mix of evil, commitment and mania. This case will have a very loud echo and a very real haunting effect. Poor babies, they were as innocent as any being can ever be.

Just Stop Oil is piss weak compared to the suffragettes - true terrorists and true terrorists with statues in-front of parliaments

BNP Friday Ep will be on the Assassination of Park Chung-Hee

Tramp indicted again.

Tuberville is an arseface but I like he is actually using the power of his office

it is such a shame jeon somi is given such terrible music. best tits in the business jiggling and bouncing to such weak forgettable crap

I just cleaned everything, yo, I take this pic, I take this pic and there is fucking dust city on my lamp... >< waaaa, , , I cleaned it now, we cool, chill

for patrons writing in saying the patreon eps are stopping randomly and the eps sometimes cut off a minute or so before the end. This is a patreon problem, the player is shit. restart the app and skip forward 15-30 seconds before hitting play and the episode will play but will then likely cut off just before the end.

Jinny is o k and that emo girl tho

WHy are Most 'big' streamers, so dul and l0be fuked>?

I have an incredible range in terms of photographic faces, I look so different each time

'Asia Trip 7' tickets booked today 😀

Episode #167 up in 45

Som Som gettin' the titties out more and more and more and we all here for it, YES!

AQOTWF is alright lols


We live in a world of human overload, we have people fatigue. There are too many fucking people with too many fucking thoughts and opinions and lives and yet we're all still fucking addicted to the scroll crack wheel, SCROLL CRACK WHEEL... the species is tired, it actally do does be needing needs a reset.


September, October, November, December, January will be heavy travel months

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