The UFOs

The possibilities ...

Humanities conception of everything could be wrong. The UFOs are part of the fabric of reality or are some new kind of element thrown into the game

They are here and they are coming to clean it up, change things, watch us or end us

Until now humanity has been able to or been allowed to advance quietly, now that's over

Much of history could be a lie, it could have all been manufactured and humanity is something very different that what it thinks

They are here and they've known all about humans for a long time, and in effect whether benevolent or not, they own the species in the same way humanity owns monkeys

This story is all just the way it is, as it appears on the surface with no below, no more depth

This is some kinda alien hypnosis

They don't have to be aliens. We could be sharing this planet with another intelligence that we have yet to be introduced to

The intelligence operation possibility has like all the other explanations so many different possibilities of why and so many places it can go next

More to come ...

© Brad Nicholls