current political beliefs, policies, opinions, etc

The United States must create and administer a test of mental acuity for all elected public officials over 65 years of age 
The United Kingdom must become an elected monarchy or republic 
Taiwan must move to a military-first policy and spend far more on defense 
The Conservative and Unionist Party generally have better policies, especially foreign and defense policies, however the party is deeply broken and needs to be smashed apart and rebuilt 
The United States and other Western nations must build their own military islands in the South China Sea 
A second referendum on Scottish Independence must take place 
Psychoactive substances must be legalized in all countries 
Stimulants must be discouraged, currently illegal stimulants decriminalized 
The European Union must either be united as a nation or be disbanded into smaller regional alliances 
The UN must be smashed apart and rebuilt 
Israel must change the way it wages war in order to gain and maintain the moral high ground in the eyes of the world 
The United States must never fall behind other nations in military spending 
The unamerican ‘Natural Born Citizen’ clause of the US Constitution must be struck down by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional  



© Brad Nicholls