current political beliefs, policies, opinions, etc

The United Kingdom should become an elected monarchy or republic 
Taiwan should move to a military-first policy and spend far more on defense 
The Conservative and Unionist Party generally have better policies, especially foreign and defense policies, however the party is deeply broken and needs to be smashed apart and rebuilt 
The United Kingdom should establish more Sovereign Base Areas in former colonies and take defense and engagement in the world more seriously 
The United States, Canada, France, the UK, Australia and other Western nations should build their own military islands in the South China Sea 
Capital punishment should be reinstated in the UK and be a legal punishment in all countries 
A second referendum on Scottish independence should not be run and hid from, but confronted to fully settle the issue 
Psychoactive drugs should be legalized in all countries 
Stimulants should be discouraged, currently illegal stimulants decriminalized 
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