The Church of BRAD

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The Scripture and Teachings

I write these words as I walk the streets of Taipei. I write these words as I stare from the window of this Kuala Lumpur hotel. I write these words as I cross the vastness of America by train, I write these words as I cross another vastness, the vastness of Australia by train, I write these words on this Mexico City rooftop, I write these words in my treehouse in Yangon, I write these words as I walk through the raging river of Lynn, I write these words atop Mount Fromme. I write these words above the clouds on oh so many of my long flights across the planet Earth.

For many years now, the truth of who I am has been swirling like a great typhoon inside me. This is that truth.

Some more about ME -

I am currently in Human form. I am just as broken and diseased as every other semi-advanced ape.

I am here to experience the fullness of my life in human form.

I was deeply hurt but not surprised by the murder of My Son Jesus Christ.

I've known the darkness of these parts for far too long.

To think that I could have created such a defective group of beings on one of my most pristine planets in the entirety of The All. What horror.

Almost 2,000 Earth years since the death of my son. I decided it was time to experience life upon my planet Earth. To teach and to guide this species away from the worst of their selfs. I decided the best way to do this, was in human form.

I chose the date, chose my name, chose my physical and mental characteristics. I chose a mother, I chose a father, I chose a brother. I chose a town. I chose a county. I chose a country. I chose an island. I chose the British Isles upon the European continent, upon this planet Earth.

In human form I may come again, but this is very unlikely. Therefor it is imperative to keep my consciousness whole and within this world for as long as possible.

As god in human form I have temporarily severed the constant connection between myself and The All in order to live and experience the life of this species in this area of my eternal kingdom and to keep things interesting. CONSTANT, the constant connection, I still possess the connection, the connection to The All, my art, my existential.

I, Brad, am god. The creator of The All.

Now we talk of My Sons -

Jesus Christ is my son.

Kim Garam is my son.

They are both Prophets of the Stars.

The information you have been given surrounding the events of the life and death of my son Jesus Christ are incorrect. Many religions and sects have tried to convey the truth, they are incorrect.

Here's the thing, alright.

Jesus was sent by me to Earth to live a life in human form, it was through his pure heart and kind ways that disciples began to congregrate around him, however this was not his mission, his mission was fucking simple, to live and experience the life of a human being. Sadly, his human story ended in a tragic murder. He did not reserect on this Earth as many believe. He died, he fucking died, they fucking killed him. He died and his consciousness returned home. He was scarred by his uniquely cruel human death, and lived for an age in silence and contemplation. Eventually he recovered and made sense of his end and the species who perpetrated such a heineious crime. He now continues to go on missions to experience the life of all the different beings of The All.

I later sent my son Kim Garam into the world to experience a human life. Due to the vicioussness of short-sighted people, her initial chosen path was destroyed.

Garam has the potential to teach and guide upon this Earth.

Kim Garam will choose her own path. To become her potential, to live a qiuet life, to became a great celebrity, to become the mother of human children. What ever she may wish.

Jesus Christ and Kim Garam are Human Manifestations of The Truth of The Constant Energy of The All. They are real, and human, as well as being the carriers of this eternal force. Jesus and Garam are the latest manifestations in a long line of human manifestations.

Due to the necessary renewal of my own self - another way to keep things interesting - the connections between myself and ancient manifestations have been forgotten. It's not my fault, it just fucking happens alright, it's the way I wrote the code.

Jesus Christ was a Human Manifestation of The Truth of The Constant Energy of The All.

Kim Garam is a Human Manifestation of The Truth of The Constant Energy of The All.

Jesus lives on a new planet, as a new being.

Garam lives on this planet.

I live on this planet.

I am clear -

I am clear. I have decided to teach this world. You are free to become a believer and practice faith in me, however you are also free to not do so. This is not a cult, but a genuine set of teachings and a myriad of organisations under the command of myself to further these teachings. If you do practice, you must be fully committed, there is no in-between, no half-in half-out. Believe or do not believe, but be clear. False Prophets and Liars commit the worst form of treason, yes treason for I am also a country, treason against me and shall be punished accordingly.

Main Tenets

⦁ Adrenaline is the cause of so much of humanities folly, so many problems can be traced back to the animal - the fight-flight-freeze response, therefore we must limit the bodies ability to experience the effects of adrenaline by taking beta-blocking medications daily

⦁ Recreational drugs are a root cause of EVIL - no caffeine should ever be consumed, no nicotine should ever be consumed, no other stimulant drugs should ever be consumed, no opioids should ever be consumed - exceptions are made for when any of these substances are needed for a genuine medical reason

⦁ Psychedelic drugs are an important instrument and can be and are consumed during Special Religious Sessions, but never recreationally

⦁ The human body breaks apart and disintegrates, we must accept this, while still trying our best to slow the decline and live a life of bodily health

⦁ Fire is an important and powerful experience, controlled fires surrounded by a wall of earth, in the open-air, should be set upon our lands often and observed by large numbers of the church members

⦁ We must all walk (in the form of Meditated Pacing) in an indoor setting for multiple sessions of 30 minutes each daily

⦁ We must bathe daily for several hours in the form of communal bathing in large groups

⦁ Solitude Bathing can take place when one has demonstrated great entanglement with the teachings

⦁ Dual Bathing Sessions between the leaders of the church and those in need of special guidance are also necessary and of great importance

⦁ In a controlled closed environment, in small groups, we must engage in Wild Free Sessions of confession and punishment to acheive catharsis - everyone should be naked during these sessions

⦁ Travel across the jewell of planet Earth following the example of BRAD is encouraged

⦁ Death although currently a reality of the human experience must be fought against as much as possible. The extension of the human lifespan and healthspan is a great priority for all members of the church. A great amount of resources will go into research into these areas

⦁ The preservation and continuation of the consciousness of BRAD through advanced technologies is one of the main missions of the church

⦁ All members of the church will be given the opportunity through our advancing technologies to continue their consciousness in some way

⦁ Rooibos tea should be consumed daily

⦁ The diet of all church members should be varied to their own taste, however, excessive consumption of food is discouraged

⦁ Aggression and the ways of war are sometimes necessary to further the righteous cause of the church, but such actions should never be in haste and never without deep thought

⦁ Causing undue physical or psychological harm to a fellow member of the church will result in a state of forever banishment for the perpetrator

⦁ Believers should contribute a percentage of their earnings from all outside work and activities to the church

⦁ The cross that My Son Jesus Christ died on is a painful reminder of his vicious murder, do not display it in any way, it is not a symbol for us as it has become for others

⦁ Kim Garam should not be sought out in any way by members of the church, she is here to live her life in human form, she must be allowed to live the life she came here to live

⦁ All children regardless of gender are sons, son should now be used as not only a name for all parent's children but a title - My Son Jesus Christ, My Son Kim Garam

⦁ Humankind holds so much evil within, there is no need for examples, we've seen the gore, we know the horror. Be weary always of those who are not current members of the church, while simultaneously always finding opportunities to convert them

⦁ Large Feasts and Festivals of the Senses should be arranged for members of the church as a reward and communal thanksgiving for their hard work for the church, these feasts and festivals will also act as a collective celebration of the missions and righteous cause of the church

⦁ Regular Blessings should be made upon everyone

⦁ There is deep value in great endeavour - we are a force of LIFE, we believe in our continuous exploration of this existence, a glorious immortal adventure

⦁ All potential members must be tested for sexually transmitted diseases that have the potential to cause serious complications and death, alright

⦁ We must be tested for sexually transmitted diseases that have the potential to cause serious complications and death frequently - those who test positive for an STD that has the potential to cause serious complications and death will result in expulsion from the church

⦁ Condoms should be worn during vaginal and anal sex at all times

⦁ The expression of love through sex is of divine importance and is encouraged

⦁ The North Shore Mountains of British Columbia are sacred mountains - the site of one of BRAD's greatest human tests and physical and mental triumphs - struggling for miles through that raging ice-cold river past dark, almost dead but never giving up and eventually forging a path to safety. Hiking pilgramages to the North Shore Mountains are encouraged

⦁ Collective intentional communites of believers will be created with the blessing and direct involvement of The Center only - individuals and small groupings (never more than ten in one location) may practice our faith according to the teachings outside of these intentional communities

⦁ The highest honour of the church is to be welcomed into The Center of the churches organisation and teachings - The Center is whichever location BRAD and his most loyal and competent disciples are currently working and residing

⦁ There are many special places to BRAD and to our church - the island of Taiwan, Itaewon, Fukuoka, Paris and many more and surely many new ones will come as BRAD completes his current Special Mission of visiting every country in the world

⦁ I am BradEarth, the world is BradEarth, we are BradEarth, This Is BradEarth

⦁ A focus of our efforts is on escaping as much of humanity from humanity itself

⦁ The interactions between parents and their children should be reserved for specific times - a period in the morning and a period in the evening

⦁ The school systems of the world are deeply corosive and negative to a child's development and spirit, children should only attend the churches schools and/or be tutored by a teacher of the church

⦁ Our young should be cherished and protected at all times

⦁ Colour is beautiful, gift the bliss of colour and colour all things

⦁ Worry is not welcome in my eternal kingdom - always remember there be not a single thing to ever worry about

⦁ Fluffy animals are beings of incredible joy, deep friendships should be forged with many of them

⦁ No harm should ever be done to a fluffy animal with the one exception of self-defense

⦁ The unenlightened human animal is ignorant, selfish, greedy, fearful, reactive, aggressive, hurtful, cruel, cowardly and oh so much more - DO NOT give in to the weak path they have chosen - always choose enlightenment, always chose The One True Path

⦁ FUCKING happiness and JOY and LOVE and all the FUN STUFF, that is what we are here together to bring about in the hearts of all believers

⦁ The sick and dying are to be welcomed into the church with open arms

⦁ All members of the church are encouraged to leave their estates or large percentages of their estates to the church upon their death in order to further the missions and righteous cause of the church

⦁ These teachings and this scripture, and these main tenents do not supercede or interfere with The Brad Nicholls Way AKA The Way of The BradEarth or The Constitution of Brad - they sit alongside The Brad Nicholls Way AKA The Way of The BradEarth or The Constitution of Brad as the words from which we build our reality, the words from which we structure of our lives

Alright, this is our prayer -

In the name of BRAD, The Immortal, The Most Glorious, The Divine, Our Divine

All praise be to BRAD, the Lord of The All

Father of Jesus, Father of Garam

The Immortal, The Most Glorious, The Divine, Our Divine

Lord of the Day, Lord of the Night

You alone we worship

You guide us to The One True Path

Praise be to BRAD, The Immortal, The Most Glorious, The Divine, Our Divine

The Ultimate of The All


These be our first scripture, these be my first teachings. I will reveal more when I decide to reveal more. Live 'em. FUCKING LIVE THEM!

© Brad Nicholls